Guanacaste Day Tour: Arenal Canyoning + La Fortuna

Guanacaste Day Tour: Arenal Canyoning + La Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

10 Hours

$179 Per Person

Optional Add-ons:
Los Lagos hot springs and dinner: $40.00
The Paradise hot springs and dinner: $59.00
Baldi hot Springs and dinner: $63.00
Ecoterra hot springs and dinner: $75.00
Kalambu hot springs and dinner: $59.00
The Springs hot springs and dinner: $85.00

Every Day at 8:00 am

City/Town Tour

- Get picked up in Guanacaste and brought to Arenal
- Rappel down several waterfalls and experience free falls
- Hike deep into the rainforest
- Enjoy a homemade lunch at the Canyon Cafe
- Have free time to explore and enjoy the town of La Fortuna

We'll pick you up from your hotel in Guanacaste and drive through the gorgeous Costa Rican backroads to the Arenal Volcano area. Then you will experience the ultimate waterfall adventure!
Upon arrival at the Lost Canyon Adventures Ops Center, you will be greeted by your guides who will suit you up with helmets and harnesses and then give you the 101 on canyoneering, complete with safety instructions, demonstrations, and lots of laughs!
Start off the rappelling-leg of your adventure with the first waterfall referred to as the Baby" - a small-sized waterfall that allows you to practice and ease your way into learning the ropes - literally! Then hike deep into the rocky terrain of the wet and wild rainforest, surrounded by huge rocks, trees, and flowing streams. Youll soon reach the Big Boy - the second largest waterfall. Imagine this: there you are, on a sturdy platform looking down into the depths of a massive 150-ft tropical waterfall. Youll start off by rappelling down the rock face and about half way through youll hear LET GO! a few moments later youll have experienced your first guided, adrenaline pumping free fall! This is when you will realize that this really is an experience of a lifetime!
Canyoneering is more than just rappelling; its a full body work out! Use your arms, legs, and hands to climb through Mother Natures obstacle course: Youll be jumping into pools, sliding down a natural water slide, sitting under waterfalls, pulling yourself up some rocks and helping yourself down others. As you make your way through the four rappels, youll notice your strength and confidence keeps getting stronger and stronger good thing, because the waterfalls keep getting bigger and BIGGER.
You will finish your adventure with a 200 ft waterfall drop -- rappelling part of the way and then letting go of the reins to experience another guided free fall drop! Talk about adrenaline!
As we hike back up the rainforest canyon, youll be invited to take your time and enjoy the serenity of the rain forest. It normally takes about 10 minutes, but many people take longer, stopping every so often to soak in this unique experience. At the top, change into your dry clothes and head up to the Canyon Cafe where there will be a well-deserved homemade lunch waiting for you that we like to call the WARRIOR BUFFET!
After this journey, you'll head to the popular town of La Fortuna and have a change to explore. There are many cute cafes, restaurants, souvenir stores, art galleries, as well as a charming central park, beautiful gardens and a central catholic church.
When you're ready, hop into our FREE WiFi-equipped Desafio vans and head back to Guanacaste! This is one of the best things to do and well-worth the trip to see another amazing part of Costa Rica whether you are staying in Tamarindo or another part of Costa Rica!

Transport to/from your hotel in Guanacaste
Fun and professional guides who love what they do
Delicious home-cooked meal
Lots of adventure

Standard Tour:
Minimum 4 guests.

No age requirements.

Lunch - Delicious home-cooked meal

Clothes to get wet in
Closed-toed shoes
Change of clothes
Spending money to buy the photos of your tour
A big smile

Meeting Location
- Extra transport charge for hotels outside of our normal pick-up zone.
- Please inquire to confirm hotel pick-up time and pricing. For Nosara or Punta Islita Beaches: extra charge $30. If you'd like to add hot springs and dinner to your One Day Tour to the Arenal Volcano at a slightly extra charge, please let us know.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (888) 554-7526 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13518672

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 7/23/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1La FortunaCanyoning.
ContinuedLa FortunaHiking.
ContinuedLa FortunaCity/Town Tour.

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DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
July 24, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 25, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 26, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 27, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 28, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 29, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 30, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
July 31, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 01, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 02, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 03, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 04, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 05, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 06, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 07, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 08, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 09, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 10, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 11, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 12, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 13, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 14, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 15, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 16, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 17, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 18, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 19, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 20, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 21, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 22, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 23, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 24, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 25, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 26, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 27, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 28, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 29, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 30, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
August 31, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
September 01, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
September 02, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
September 03, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
September 04, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
September 05, 2017Per Person$179.00* (USD)Quote
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