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    2011 Luxury Travel Convention


    This year The Luxury Travel Convention was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. (The Mandalay Bay Resort was also hosting the Rodeo Convention and the Michael Jackson Fan Convention. Cowboy boots, sparkly gloves and huge bags full of travel information.   If you don’t think we were an odd mix walking around the Mandalay.)  This is one of the largest yearly Travel Convention/Learning events held.  We had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Tourism boards from so many countries.  China was there, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and most of the Caribbean countries, including the American Virgin Islands.  And let’s not forget Spain, Germany and the rest of Europe. The list goes on and on.  We learned where they are reinvesting in their infrastructure to make going to their destination more welcoming to their guests.  Many destination resorts were also there, to show us the changes, additions and renovations going on at their resorts around the world.  You learn so much in such a limited amount of time.  For example-did anybody know they have skiing in China?

    As always, staying in Las Vegas is a new experience every time. Every resort/casino was decorated for the season with their own special touches, everything from Victorian at the Venetian to chic and modern at Aria. The Venetian even has a little out door ice-skating rink set up in the front of the resort for the holiday season, with lots of Christmas decorations. (During the day not so impressive, but at night when it’s all lit up it is gorgeous.) And, as usual driving down the strip at night is its own unique experience. The patisseries at Paris are awesome, pretty displays with lots of variety to choose from. (I can personally highly recommend the Raspberry Napoleons)On Tuesday, we went to the Buffet at The Aria. $32.00 to get in for dinner and worth every penny. The buffet has everything from Crab Legs and sushi to prime rib, roasted turkey and Italian choices. Wednesday morning we had breakfast at the House of Blues, located in the Mandalay Bay Resort and it too was delicious.  Wednesday night we went to the Palms for dinner at N9ne, the steak house.  It was incredibly good.  Then it was on to Rain, one of the clubs at the Palms for the VIP Party for us all.  This club is awesome, the seating is all on different levels, and the dance floor is perfect!  Sharon had an espresso martini that she said was awesome and I had something called Barry’s Bomber that was perfect.  The DJ was terrific, the dancing was fun, and I had a great time. We also went up to the Playboy club to see what it was like.  The view from up there is incredible. You feel like you are looking at the whole city.  Thursday was the last day and after a final  tour of the exhibitors, we headed for the airport and after a quick flight of 45 minutes we were back in LA.                                               

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