Day  1
Charleston, SC


The port city of Charleston is known for its cobblestone streets, gas-lit lamps, and pastel antebellum houses. The scene of Revolutionary War naval battles, legendary pirate tales, and Civil War sieges, the city is considered by many to be a living museum. Visit historic Fort Sumter National Monument, where the first shots of the Civil War rang out. Learn how Charleston’s African-American heritage has contributed to the city’s history and unique culture. Enjoy the beauty of the area with a stroll through magnificent parks and gardens

Day  2
Beaufort, SC



Beaufort’s history includes European explorers, Native American cultural influences, British settlements and Civil War battles. Today, horse-drawn carriages clatter along the narrow streets of this historic district, past 18th and 19th century homes famous for unique Beaufort-style architecture. View historic forts and elegant homes and discover Day  3
Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head is a first class resort known for its championship golf courses and miles of scenic beaches. A boat tour of The Sea Pines Forest Preserve gives you a close-up view of Hilton Head's indigenous plant and animal life, including the American Alligator


Day  4
Savannah, GA




With its emerald tree canopy, quaint cobblestone streets and majestic architecture, Savannah is still a bustling seaport with renowned historic districts that preserve its phenomenal 19th century wealth and opulence. Join a narrated tour of Savannah’s “Historic and Victorian Districts," brave an evening Ghost Walk, or explore the area's magnificent shops.

Day  5
Sapelo Island, GA




Discover the natural beauty of Amelia Island, with its miles of quartz beaches and rolling sand dunes. Fernandina Beach, the island's only city, now harbors a treasure trove of history, antiques, and collectibles. Join a walking tour of Centre Street's Historic District, with 50 blocks of restored 19th Century Victorian homes and shops.


Day  6
St. Simons Island / Jekyll Island, GA


Discover the compelling history of Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. Today, Jekyll Island is part of Georgia’s Sea Isles and boasts “Millionaire’s Village," 240-acres of extravagant homes and winter cottages, now recognized as a National Historic Landmark. St. Simons Island offers guests a view of he area's past including the momentous 18th c entury battlefields and sprawling, antebellum plantations


 Day  7
Cruising to Amelia Island, FL





Discover the natural beauty of Amelia Island, with its miles of quartz beaches and rolling sand dunes. Fernandina Beach, the island's only city, now harbors a treasure trove of history, antiques, and collectibles. Join a walking tour of Centre Street's Historic District, with 50 blocks of restored 19th Century Victorian homes and shops.


Day  8
Jacksonville, FL Area (Amelia Island)



Take in the beautiful weather of northern Florida as you disembark from your tour of the South. Jacksonville offers a number of wonderful activities, including a tour of Cummer Art Museum, which houses an exclusive collection of art, including rare porcelain.

  • Barbados

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    Adults Only, All-inclusive, Beaches, Booze cruise, Butler sevice, Concierge sevice, Couples, dancing, Destination Weddings, diving, Family Vacations, golf, Hiking trails, Honeymoons, horseback riding, Music, Nature Reserves, Nightclubs, Paradise, Parties, Scenic routes, shopping, snakes, snorkeling, spa, Swimming Pools, tours, water falls, wedding planner, Zip lines

    My Trip to Barbados 2013

    I truly loved my time in Barbados and reall7 enjoyed the tradewind that were present for most of my stay. Some basci facts about Barbados are:

    Barbados has over 65 miles of gorgeous beaches.  There are coral reefs with sunken ships for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. There are beautiful golf courses and hiking trails. The National sport is Polo. They also have the Mount Gay Rum distillery with tours and The Caribbean Cigar Company.


    One of my favorite things about Barbados was how clean and beautiful the entire island is.  The Barbadians are very friendly and helpful.  Barbados has a very high literacy rate and standard of living. And last but not least, my resort-The Crane.  Not only was it beautiful, but I had my own washer and dryer in my suite!


    One of our days in Barbados was spent visiting some of their Historical sights, and they have many.  We went to the Garrison Historic District (A Unesco World Heritage Site) and saw the changing of the guards and visited the house George Washington stayed in for 6 weeks during 1751as a young man visiting his sick brother.  It was Washington’s only trip outside the continental US.  Then we went and saw the garrison itself, St Annes Garrison built by the British in 1789.  In November of 1966, when Barbados achieved its full Independence from Britain the Garrison raised the Barbados Flag. They have a very large collection of historical cannons preserved at the fort.


    On another day we went to the Barbados Concorde Experience, which frankly I wasn’t too excited about.  But I was wrong.  In addition to having the original jet, (that flew from London to Barbados) all set up to tour, they also had a mockup of the waiting lounge and the cockpit.  I was both educational and fun.  That same day, a small group of us went to Harrisons Cave.  Another awe inspiring excursion.  You ride down into these massive caverns, covered with stalagmites and stalactites that are breathtaking, little rivers and pools dotting the areas.  While on the tour they explain how the island was formed, and where their water supply comes from.


    That night we went to Oistins fish Fry.  Every kind of food under the sun, live bands, with dance floors set up and all types of local crafts, jewelry and toys for sale in little booths.  For more upscale restaurants and clubs, you can’t go wrong with St Lawrence Gap.  There are also some awesome shopping opportunities on Barbados.


    There truly is something for everyone in the family on this Island.  There are some all inclusive resorts here and some adults only resorts too, As a matter of fact, Barbados is the location of the newest Sandals resort!


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    Family Vacations, Hiking trails, lush, Nature Reserves, Paradise, Scenic routes, tours

    Experience it for yourself with Adventures by Disney


    Norway- Fjords, Bergen & Oslo

    Experience all the beauty and majesty Norway has to offer as you explore the quaint villages and majestic landscapes that make up this scenic country that served as an inspiration for the animated comedic-adventure, Frozen. You and your family will follow in the filmmakers' footsteps as you hike, raft and traverse the awe-inspiring terrain.

    Call Islands for more information 805-933-9534

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    All-inclusive, Aqauriams, Beaches, Butler sevice, climbing wall, Concierge sevice, dancing, Destination Weddings, Dolphin Encounter, Family Vacations, Fun, golf, Hiking trails, luxury, Music, Nature Reserves, Rain Forest, Scenic routes, snorkeling, spa, Swimming Pools, wildlife, Zip lines


    I have been studying and testing on Mazatlan recently and was fascinated by what I learned so I thought I’d share a little.  They call it the Colonial City on the Beach because it was founded in the late 1500’s and they have recently restored their downtown area to its former glory. It’s all 19th century Spanish architecture and has shops, restaurants, museums and a theater arts Center.  Also, Mazatlan has a pre-lenten Carnaval week long street party in addition to gorgeous beaches, sport fishing, zip lining, surfing and 4 golf courses. Mazatlan also has excursions to old mining towns and a tequila plantation!  It really seems to have something for everyone and has the benefit of being really affordable as a destination.

  • South Africa Trip

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    Cape Town, Cheetahs, crocks, Dunabe, Durban, Elephants, Family Vacations, Gordons Bay, Hiking trails, Hippopotimas, indaba, Johanas Burg, Lions, Namibia, Nature Reserves, Rihnosurus, Safaris, Scenic routes, snakes, South Africa, Tanzania, The Bush, Tigers, Tour guides, water buffalo, Wineries, World Cup 2009-2010

    Trip to South Africa


     I am a travel agent and I work at Islands Travel Agency in Ventura County, CA.. I just came back from the most amazing trip of my life. I traveled to South Africa (SA) in May 2008. What a wonderful experience. I wanted to see what SA was like as I am planning a group trip to the World Cup in 2010. South Africa is the host for the Fifa World Cup Soccer in 2010.   I was lucky to be among a very few travel agents in the United States invited by the South African tourism board as a hosted buyer for the United States to spend some time in SA to see first hand what a beautiful place South Africa is.

    I began my journey from Los Angeles to Washington DC and took a direct flight on South African Airlines to Johanasberg SA. Once I arrived in Johanasberg I took one more flight to Cape Town.

    The first few nights I stayed in Cape Town. It was beautiful, not at all what I expected. My first class accommodations were at the Commador Hotel. It is located down by the waterfront and was named after a ship. The hotel itself looked like a ship inside with the rooms that look like cabins. Everyone was very friendly and nice. Great food!! I hired a guide and took a day trip around Cape Town to see as much as possible. I heard a little about the History. I saw the Penninsula where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. This is called Cape Point. What an amazing sight to see. I was able to hike to the point where the old lighthouse is and take pictures of False Bay as well as The Atlantic and The Indian Ocean.    I also visited the wineries in Cape Town where I just had to sample some of their great wines. Cape town is a lot like San Francisco. If you talk to people who have been to San Francisco and Cape Town they will probably tell you they are very similar. I have to say though you don’t have a Cheeta Reserve, where you can actually pet the Cheetas or do you have False Bay where you can take an excursion and go into the Indian Ocean and see a Great white Shark Feeding in San Fransisco. False Bay is home to the Great Whites as this is their breeding area. Our Driver took us to Boulder’s beach where the African Penguins make their home. Yes the African Penguins (no ice needed). You can get pretty close to them you may even try to touch one, but be careful though they may peck at you.

     There are so many things and places I saw in Cape Town I would highly recommend it to anyone. The most famous attraction in Cape Town is Table Mountain. Its beauty and aroma from the wild flowers are amazing. This Mountain can be seen by hiking or by taking the cableway.

    Cape town was beautiful, but I had to be on my way to Kreuger National park for my First Safari in South Africa.


    I went to a game reserve in Kreuger national Park called Royal Legends. The lodge was amazing. It was completely open to the game reserve. Some of the lodges are very romantic. You can spend the night in a tree top with just you and your partner and the wild or you can go into your hut and have a bath drawn for you and candle light everywhere. There is no television in the rooms. Most of the rooms have a four poster bed with a canopy that is drawn down at night for you. Your meals can be included at some of the Lodges and others not. It is amazing to swim in the swimming pool while admiring the water holes about 40 feet from you when the animals come to drink. You had animals walking around you everywhere. At times it was a little scary but it was an amazing experience to see them in their own territory vs The zoo. We would go a game drive in a land cruiser with an open top two times a day, one time in the early morning and the second time in the late afternoon. I saw the “Big 5” that is Lions, Leopards, Hippos, Rhino, and Elephant. What a sight. We followed 2 female lions as they were hunting in the early evening. I did not see a feeding but I was told that you might or  might not see a feeding. I also got up close to giraffe and Zebra. I think the most terrifying part of the safari is when an elephant gave us a warning sign to leave him alone. He charged at us and stopped then blew through his trunk LOUD. I was able to see a couple more lodges while staying in Kreuger.  African Safari’s are a big tourist attraction in all parts of Africa. Defintely if you get a chance you have to go on a Safari.

    Kreuger National Park is a must see for everyone, but now I have to travel to my last stop. My last stop was Durban with the South Afican Tourism Board . If you have ever been to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii then you have almost been to Durban. They are very similar. The Indian Ocean is blue and clear extremely warm. The hotels are right along the beach easy to walk. I stayed at the Hilton next to the convention center.   It is a beautiful Hotel. There is so much to do in Durban. I went there to see the new stadium they are building for the Fifa World Cup Soccor. I went to Indaba which is the worlds largest trade show for all Africa. There I met up with South Afircan Tourism Board as I was one of the few hosted buyers (travel agent) in The united States they hosted for South Africa. I met many people with airlines, world cup, hotels, and also Safai’s I will be recievng all the updates on the world cup as well as the few tour companies that will be selling packages for the world cup.   



    Kerri/ Islands

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